BLG Business Solutions was born out of a desire to help people . . .

. . . without having to deal with all of the bottlenecks that come with working for a larger company: approval forms, multiple layers of management, departments in silos, little flexibility in work hours or locations, and the list goes on :)

Want to find out if i can help you get shit done?


I came to entrepreneurship in a very roundabout way. I received an Honours Degree in Psychology, and by the time I convocated I wasn't sure it was for me, so I took a year off and moved to Japan to teach English.

When I came home I decided I'd had enough of formal studying and wanted to keep working. After a number of jobs that ranged from childcare (!) to warehouse delivery I eventually landed in the tech industry doing business analysis, project management, and software testing. It was very demanding work: I put in a lot of overtime, but I loved it. I had minimal oversight and got very used to working independently and making decisions that would affect many people.

In 2008 I thought I had it all: a challenging, well-paying job with great benefits, an amazing husband, regular travel plans, and a brand new fur baby. Late in the year, disaster struck: my husband fell critically ill. A virus attacked his heart causing extensive damage, also shutting down his lungs, liver, and kidneys. He survived, but it was a close call. The doctors at the time just kept telling us that he would make a full recovery, that we had to 'wait and see'.

As you would imagine, I began to re-evaluate my priorities. With the majority of my energy directed at family I started to ask myself if I was happy with my career, where it was leading me, did I enjoy what I was doing. 3 years later we were still waiting and my husband's health was failing. At the same time work demands were increasing and my role in the company wasn't going in the direction I'd been promised. I felt very unhappy and out of control. Though there was little I could do about my husband's health, I realized that I *could* control my work environment. So in 2012 I quit and started BLG Business Solutions!

This little business has undergone several focus shifts over the years as I responded to market demands and balanced them with the lifestyle I needed to maintain. Today business owners like you are busier than ever with the demands of work, life, and play. That means that my skills are best served offering practical solutions and assistance:

  • working out processes that will save you time and effort;
  • researching the best digital solution for an aspect of your business;
  • figuring out how to make all of the separate applications in your business communicate with each other so it's like you have a virtual assistant who works 24/7!


BLG Business Solutions is me.

You will never have to deal with the delays or red tape of a company with multiple managers – you will always be talking to the decision maker. You are not just a number or an etransfer – you are a partner, because it’s critical for us to work together in order to make your business a success.


Happy Ending

Oh, and if you're wondering how my husband is doing, he finally received a heart transplant in December 2017 and is doing amazing!


When I'm not busy helping you get shit done, I'm also involved with the following organizations: