1 Year Anniversary: Congrats, BLG Business Solutions!

Well, we made it! There were plenty of times where I didn't think we would. There have been so many things to juggle in the past 12 months from home distractions to exhaustion, from laziness to stress, with a nice big medical emergency spanning the last 3 months of 2012.

Now that we've hit the big zero one I decided a makeover was in order, and voila!  New website. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if there is anything wrong - as a software tester I couldn't stand it if there was a glaring error or broken link and no one told me about it (similar to having broccoli in your teeth at a big event!).

This is the 'soft launch' - I'm aware of some things that need to be tweaked. As well I need to rebrand all of the related online material, like Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Pinterest/etc.

You may have noticed the new logo. Most people are able to see the company initials. Some people see a peace signI've stared at it for too long, and all I can see now is a snorkeler :) The green is gone too, in favor of blue as that is the color that appeals most to my target market. However, I could not part with the purple - it will show up as a splash of color throughout the site.

Over the next 8 months I will be running 8 separate promotions. In honor of our anniversary, each promotion will begin on day 1 of each month and run for approximately 2 weeks. My hope is that this will be a recurring event each year - for example, in 2014 promotions will run on day 2 of each month, and so on.

Here is to the start of year #2 - may it be prosperous and fulfilling!