5 Reasons to Like Facebook Pages from your Business Page

As it turns out, a lot of people aren’t aware of this fact: Facebook pages only “count” likes from individual pages.  At least, I’m assuming a lot of people don’t know this judging by the number of messages I see that go something like this:

“Please like my FB page from your personal page, as likes from fan pages don’t count!  Will return all likes!”

So I ask this: why wouldn’t you want people to like your business page from their business page as well?  And then I answer (because I often talk to myself): no idea!

Here are 5 reasons to like a page from both your personal and business pages:

1. To increase exposure, you want to comment and like posts as your business and not as yourself

Some people have great memories, and can immediately associate your name with your business, your personal philosophy, your favorite color, and where you fall on the Drake vs Chris Brown debate.  Some people will see your name on a comment or like and click through to find out who you are.  Some people are too busy to do more than “Yay likes!” and keep scrolling.

If you want your business name to stick in people’s mind, engage from your business page (rhymes are fun…also I just trademarked that phrase so don’t think about stealing it…).

2. You are lazy, and you are sick of switching back and forth between your personal and page newsfeed

I personally believe that laziness can be a virtue, since it inspires us lazy people to find better/faster/easier ways to do things.  Switching back and forth between your business and personal page can be a pain.  So when I am in business mode, I only look at my business pages’ newsfeed for all of your delicious content!  Mmmmm content.

3. You want that business to like you from their personal and business page too – whoo for reciprocation!

“Do unto others… yadda yadda yadda.”

4. Some people only check the newsfeed for their business page.

Perhaps they are lazy like me (see point #2).  If they haven’t liked your page from their page, they are missing out on engaging with your awesome content.  This, obviously, reduces your reach and potential ‘people talking about this’.

5. You will appear in their business page ‘Like’ section, with the chance to become a featured like

As I discussed in the previous post, the ‘Like’ section of our timelines is often underutilized.  When I’m looking at a page (perhaps browsing for a particular service) I will almost always go to the ‘Likes’ section of the timeline.  People have a tendency to like pages that are complimentary to themselves, so I can browse their likes for additional pages I might be interested in.  Additionally, if they really like you they might add you as a featured like, which means your business page will always appear on their timeline!