Digital Tools & Resources for Business

Digital Tools & Resources for Business

Technology is changing quickly. You are busy running your business and you don’t have the time to stay on top of all of the updates that are happening constantly. I am compiling all of the most relevant changes that you need to know about here in a single post - bookmark it and check back monthly!

Heads up! This post contains affiliate links, marked with an asterisk(*). If you sign up through one of those links you won't pay anything extra (sometimes you’ll even get a discount!), but I'll get a small commission or credit that helps me to keep delivering this awesome free content to you! I only recommend tools that I use and trust. Read my affiliate disclosure here.

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  4. Link/URL Tools

  5. Productivity

  6. Online Course & Membership

  7. Document & Presentation Design

  8. Email Marketing

  9. Online Appointments & Booking

  10. Livestreaming

  11. Screen Recording

Note: new updates are indicated below in bold.

 Technology is changing quickly. You are busy running your business and you don’t have the time to stay on top of all of the updates that are happening constantly. I am compiling all of the most relevant changes that you need to know about here in a single post - bookmark it and check back monthly!
Technology changes fast. Get the latest updates for the best digital tools you should be using for your business

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Social Media Scheduling



  • Tribes Insights added, which is an awesome way to see which of your Tribes is giving you the most ROI, and which Tribemates are saving the most from you. Full details.

  • Facebook page cross-posting is now available. And as long as your link or landing page contains an image that’s sized best for Facebook (i.e. square or landscape) your post link preview won’t look like it’s been awkwardly cross-posted from Pinterest.

  • Instagram direct scheduling is available. Full details.



  • Socialdraft, and social media scheduling tool, now has a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets you add content to your posting calendar plus a bunch of other features. Full details.



  • Boost Facebook posts directly from Hootsuite, available on all plans. Full details.

  • Hootsuite now has built-in Pinterest publishing and scheduling! Full details.

  • Due to the changes to Facebook’s API (because of the privacy concerns), Hootsuite will no longer have access to a number of features including user name & profile pictures in search streams for both Facebook and Instagram, page messaging, engaging with Instagram posts, and more. Full details.

  • Instagram direct scheduling is now available for all plans. Full details.

  • Some new apps added include Trello* (paid), PromoRepublic* (free), Salesforce (free), and Google Translate (paid)!



  • Instagram direct scheduling is available inside Buffer for single-image posts. Full details.

  • New composer makes it easier to create your posts: tag Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, customize your posts for different accounts at the same time, you can only schedule posts to 1 Twitter account at a time (due to the recent Twitter policy changes).


Social Aider

  • Instagram scheduling with notifications is now available. Full details.

  • Content curation added as keyword search, and you can edit/schedule that content directly from the search results. Full details.

  • You can now individually select which Facebook and LinkedIn profiles you want to add to your project.

  • SocialAider has been updated with an image editor. Note that these images will not automatically be uploaded to a post - you will have to download your image and then upload it into the composer. Full details.



  • Later has introduced Hashtag Suggestions on it’s paid plans. Just add a single hashtag to your post and then access the suggestions menu which will pull up related hashtags. Full details.

  • Later now allows you to direct publish single-image posts to Instagram. Full details.

  • Manage your Instagram comments right inside Later (paid plan only). Full details.

  • Later now has the 1 big feature that was missing - the ability to schedule to Instagram Stories!

  • If you use Later to schedule your Instagram posts, you can now schedule carousel posts! Full details.



  • Recurpost has added a Smart Queue: a calendar of all of your future queued posts (previously you could only see what was coming up in the next 24 hours).

  • Recurpost now has integrated with Pixabay, Unsplash, and Giphy to bring you GIFs and stock photos to add to your social media posts.

  • Recurpost has created a new more affordable price plan due to Twitter’s recent policy enforcement around duplicate tweets. This new Small Plan allows you to add unlimited Twitter variations to your posts without going over the 100 post limit. Previously you had to upgrade to the Medium plan which was $25/month, but the Small plan is only $10/month. Full details.

  • If you only started using Recurpost and you are on a paid plan, you can now import old posts from your social media networks to save the time of manually adding them to your content library. Full details.

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Video Creation/Editing



Get Lumen5 | Free & paid account options

  • Lumen5 has added the ability to make vertical videos, so if stories and IGTV are your forte, this app could be a great investment (as this feature is only available on paid plans). Make a new video or convert your existing videos to vertical. Full details.

  • They’ve recently added a ton of GIFs to the stock library, added additional themes and customizations for your videos, and added speed controls.



Get Ripl iOS Android | Free & paid account options

  • If you have been loving Ripl for your mobile device, they now have a desktop version that syncs to your mobile account, as well as mew metrics and insights.



Get Ripl iOS Android | Free & paid account options

  • InShot has added a bunch of new filters and adjustments


CutStory for Instagram Stories

Get Ripl iOS | Free & paid account options

  • You can now post directly to your Instagram stories from within the app (no more downloading to your camera roll)

Graphic Design/Image Editing



Get Crello | Free & paid account options

  • Crello has launched ‘Animation Maker’ for it’s paid users which allows you to make graphics containing animations - this includes both animated backgrounds and animated. If you are OK with a ‘Created in Crello’ watermark, you can use some of the animated designs for free. Full details.

  • Crello has introduced a Resize feature, which is available in it’s free plan! Full details.

  • You can now ‘favourite’ the elements, photos, and templates that you use most in order to find them more quickly. Full details.

Link/URL Tools



Get Linktree | Free & paid account options

  • If you use Mailchimp* you can now integrate directly with Linktree to add an email signup button to your profile. Full details.

  • Linktree is an awesome tool when you need to link to multiple places from your Instagram bio. They have added the following feature to their Pro Plan: remove the LinkTree logo, add social and email accounts as icons instead of plain links, enhanced analytics, more visual customization options.


Google URL Shortener

  • The URL shortener is going to be shutting down in the wake of more popular services like and Existing shortened links will continue to work. Full details.



Get ClickToTweet | Free & paid account options

  • Updated dashboard to allow you to sort, search, and more easily compare your CTT links. Full details.

Productivity: Tasks, Calendar, Email



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  • If you need to filter out some of the noise, you can now set your Gmail mobile app to send a notification ONLY for high priority emails. Full details.

Google Calendar

  • Indicate when you are Out of Office and Google will automatically decline any event invites during that time. You can also set your availability on a day-to-day basis. Full details.

Google Docs

  • Use the Explore feature to quickly find files to reference or insert. Full details.

App Maker

  • Quickly build an app to use within your business. Some examples include team on-boarding, track office inventory requests, or project collaboration. Full details.


Planyway (Trello Extension)

Get Planyway | Free & paid account options | Get Trello* | Free & paid account options

  • When you need to move more than one calendar item, you can now multi-select calendar items to reschedule. Full details.


Online Course & Membership



  • Enhancements to the Premier theme: add offer cards to any page, even your homepage; add anchor links within a single page (awesome for long-form landing pages); add accordion sections (perfect for FAQs). Full details.


Document & Presentation Design



Get Beacon | Free & paid account options

  • Uploaded images will now be saved in an image library so they are easy to add any time without re-uploading; Google Analytics integration added; new font formatting added. Full details.

Email Marketing



Get ActiveCampaign* | Free & paid account options

  • Improvements to CRM, more segmentation options, and task assignment for multiple users. Full details.

Online Appointments & Booking


Book Like a Boss

Get Book Like a Boss* | Free & paid account options

  • Additional customizations to appointments & services (checkboxes, links) - perfect for GDPR disclaimers. Full details.

  • Use a custom domain with your BLAB account. Full details.


Get Belive | Free & paid account options

  • Photo Share: bring photos from your Facebook page on to the screen.

Screen Recording



Get Loom | Free

  • The video page has undergone a makeover to make it easier to share your video.

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