[Updated Dec 2016] How to Get Your Business Page Username for Facebook

How to Get Your Business Page Username for Facebook

Dec 2016: edited to update the instructions and add some additional information.

With all the hoopla about Timeline for Facebook pages, some people who are new to Facebook may be missing out on some of the basics that everyone else takes for granted.  One of those things is the Vanity UR or username for Facebook – a customized web address for your page. Does your Page address look something like this: www.facebook.com/Your-Company-Name-Goes-Here-1234567898765?

If you’ve answered yes, then my first question to you is “How are you going to fit all of that on your business card?” My second question to you is “No, seriously.  How are you going to fit all of that on your business card?” If you tell people the name of your page and they type it into the Facebook search bar, there is a chance that the notoriously finicky search function WILL NOT return your page. Unless your potential customer is very determined to find you, you may have just lost their interest. In addition, not setting a vanity URL can also make your page harder to tag in posts (i.e. it may not show up as an option in the list when people start typing your page name).

So what can I do, you ask?  You can set up a vanity URL (also known as your Facebook page username), so that you have an memorable, custom, SEO-friendly page address (and no, you don't have to wait until you get 25 likes to do it!  Follow these steps to get your vanity URL for Facebook:

  1. Log in to Facebook

  2. Go to your Business Page

  3. On the left column, click About

  4. Under General, click the Edit button beside Username

  5. Begin typing your username (should be as close to your business name as possible). You have 50 characters. If your username is available, there will be a green checkmark. If there is a red X, your username isn't available. Check this out for some username guidelines.

  6. Click Create Username. The following message will pop up and you're done!

Voila!  Now you have a username for your Facebook Page, which gives you an easy to remember web address that fits on your business cards!

And remember, now that you've changed your username, the URL to your page has changed - so if you have linked to your Facebook page anywhere (i.e. website, marketing materials, email signature, etc) you will need to update it.