Free Online Resources for Social Media Marketing

Free Online Resources for Social Media Marketing

Here are the 6 resources that I use most frequently (some of them daily!). All are free to use, though some have paid plans with additional functionality.


Canva is still the best online graphic design program around for beginner-intermediate users. They recently updated their interface, making it more user-friendly, and released an app for iPhone (to go with the iPad app).

Tip: now that there is an iPhone app, you can easily log in to your account and pull out any photo to post to social media!

Facebook Debugger

Facebook Debugger fixes those pesky link preview problems - like having the wrong photo or no photo. If the correct metatags are present on the webpage, the debugger with refresh the information so that your like preview looks great.

Click To Tweet

Use Click To Tweet to make it easier for people to share your online content by inserting tweetable links in your blog posts and website content.

TagFire for Instagram

TagFire (iOS | Android) has a couple of functions - don't use it to get Instagram likes - these aren't genuine fans and will never turn into dollars in your bank account. I use it to search for popular hashtags when I'm on the go. It groups the tags by topic, which you can then copy/paste into your post. Make sure the delete any that don't seem authentic to what you're talking about, and add any that you think are missing!


Trendsmap is great for seeing what Twitter hashtags are trending locally - especially if you live in an area that is not big enough to be part of Twitter's official trend areas (currently, these Canadian cities are on the list: Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Quebec City).

Tip: if you promote events, watch for your hashtag in your local Trendsmap

Tip: check out what is trending to see if you can piggyback on an existing conversation (just remember, no hijacking - be genuine!) 

Google Drive

I use Google Drive to store all of my files in the cloud - photos, drafts of blogs, posting topics & schedule. This means that I can still work on the go when I'm away from my laptop.

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