How to Connect Your Personal Facebook Profile to your Business Page


After a couple of Facebook 101 workshops recently, it has come to my attention that some people are still creating separate Facebook accounts solely to keep their personal and business Facebook activity separate. The frustrating result of this is that those people don't have access to the full page features, because some of those require a personal account.

Here is something very important to remember: by creating a Facebook Business Page you ARE separating your personal and business activities! Unless your business name is your name, you use pictures of yourself, or you sign your posts with your own name, no one coming to your page will know you're associated with that page.

Without that connection to your personal profile, you cannot:

  • invite your personal Facebook friends to your page or events associated with your page

  • advertise your page

  • use graph search to find relevant pages or do market research on Facebook users

  • access some page settings

  • easily add admins to your page

If you've found yourself in this situation, you can try on of the following.

Method #1:

  • Log in to your business page

  • Go to Settings > Page Roles

  • Enter the email associated with your personal FB account

  • Set the page role to Admin

  • Save changes

  • You should get an email inviting you to be an admin on the page.

Method #2:

  • Log in to your personal account

  • Search for your business page and 'Like' it

  • Log in to your business page

  • Browse your page notifications (the globe icon in the top right corner)

  • Scroll until you find a notification that says someone liked your page and click on it (this will bring up a list of people who like your page)

  • Find your own name

  • Click the gear icon beside your name and select 'assign page role'. This will take you back to your Page Roles settings. Under your name, make sure to change 'editor' to 'admin' then you can save the settings to make yourself admin.

Good luck!