How to Like a Facebook Page as Your Business Page

How to Like a Facebook Page as Your Business Page

Some people like to keep their newsfeed strictly for friends and family, and then use their business page newsfeed to keep updated on any business news, info, and networking opportunities. Unfortunately, Facebook keeps moving/changing the buttons that let us do this so it's a question that I get asked over and over again. That means it's time for a blog post!

How to Like a #Facebook Page as Your Business Page

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There are 2 ways to like another page as your business page. I'll outline both below. But before we get started, I want to make sure everyone understands the following: page likes from a business account DO NOT COUNT toward a page's total likes. So if there is a business that you really want to support, go ahead and give it a like from your personal account.

Method #1: From your page

  1. Navigate to your Facebook Page
  2. On the right-hand sidebar, find "Your Pages Feed" - click it
  3. Click "Like Other Pages"
  4. Start typing the name of the page you want to like - select the page when it pops up
  5. Click Save

What if the page you are looking for doesn't pop up or you don't quite know the name?

Method #2: From their page

  1. From the Facebook homepage, use the search to find the page you want to like
  2. Go to that Facebook Page
  3. Under their cover photo, click on the 3 dots - a dropdown menu will appear
  4. Click "Like as Your Page"
  5. Select the page you want to like it from (if you have multiple pages)
  6. Click Submit

These pages will show up in "Your Pages Feed" and any engagement (reactions, comments, shares) will be done as your page, not as your personal profile.

Last thing to note: page admins CAN see the pages that have liked their page (even though those likes don't count).

How to Like a #Facebook Page as Your Business Page

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