How to Track Unfollowers on Social Media (and Why I Do!)

How to Track Unfollowers on Social Media (and Why I Do!)

I've been questioned on this practice lately, people wondering why I would worry about who is unfollowing my business accounts on certain networks. It's not about vanity, it's not about making my follower/following "ratio" look awesome. Social numbers are nice, but they don't make a successful business. I have a damn good reason for tracking unfollowers and here it is!

How to Track Unfollowers on #SocialMedia (and Why I Do!)

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Why I Track Unfollowers

A lot of people ARE concerned with their follower/following ratio and are just looking for a followback so they can immediately unfollow you - those people are not interested in engaging with you or your business, they are not interested in your content or how you can make their lives better - they are only worried about themselves. I don't feel like they deserve my attention. So if I follow you and spot that you've unfollowed me within a couple days, you can bet you're going to get an #unfollowback. (Now I admit, there are occasionally times where I am SO into their business that I let it slide - those businesses and that content has to be exceptional!)

I was also horrified to see that some “social media experts” are actually teaching this as a tactic to grow followers. JUST. NO.

Remember: unfollowers, just like unsubscribers, are people who don't need or want what you are offering, so why spend your energy on them when you already have another group of people who are loving what you do?

Track Unfollowers on Desktop


Audiense is a complete social media monitoring tool, but if you sign up you can connect 1 account for free and then start seeing who is unfollowing you. You can connect either Twitter or Instagram. Below is a quick tutorial for Twitter, though it would work the same for Instagram.

Track Unfollowers on Mobile

Note that at the time of writing, these apps seem to be the most reliable. However, as Instagram and Twitter update their API there can be issues with the apps no longer working. If they stop working, you may have to download another solution.

Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter

Download the iOS app here. Try Followers+ for Twitter on Android.

You might want to start tracking your #Twitter & #Instagram unfollowers - here's how.

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