Pinterest for Business: Optimize Your Profile

If you are in retail, you should be on Pinterest. If you are a blogger, you should have an attractive, pinnable image to go with every post. If you are some sort of fashion/decorating/cooking guru, you should be on Pinterest. I could go on and on! But no matter who you are, you should be making sure that you get the most out of your Pinterest efforts, and a large part of that is optimizing the look of your profile and boards.

Your Pinterest Profile

  • Unless you are catering to a completely different audience, your profile image should be consistent with what you've used on other social media sites. This makes you easier to identify if you have a name similar to someone else, and helps promote your brand.
  • The 'About You' section is limited to 160 characters, so be concise. Include a call to action.
  • Links to Twitter and Facebook: you can and should link your business Twitter. Currently, Pinterest only allows users to link their personal Facebook timeline. If you are your brand, this will work great! However if you have a business page, you are currently out of luck (go here to vote for this feature!). I keep my personal timeline linked because my business page link appears in the "About" section of my timeline, even for non-friends. If you want to keep your personal and business accounts 100% separate, then don't link your Facebook account in your Pinterest profile.

Your Pinterest Boards

When people go to your account, the first thing they see (besides your profile at the top) are the first 1 and a half rows of boards. Some people may scroll down to see what else you've got. Some people will judge their interest based on those images alone. With that in mind...

  • Give your boards easy to understand names. You can still be creative without going overboard. For example, a board about Twitter could be called "Twitterific". Calling your board "Interesting Stuff" isn't going to help anyone find what they're looking for.
  • Decide which boards are most relevant to your customers and arrange them in order of decreasing importance (left to right).
  • Make sure that you have at least 5 pins in every board.
  • The pin you choose for your board cover should be colourful and eye-catching, and should have an obvious relation to your board title.

Your Pinterest Friends

If you have linked to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can see who is already on Pinterest and follow them (here is where linking your personal Facebook timeline comes in handy - and if needed, you can always unlink your Facebook account later).

Try these tips out and let me know how they worked for you!  If you have any questions or need assistance, let me know!