Social Media Advent #2: Event Marketing

ETA: for those who prefer text over images, I've updated the post with a list of tweetable tips!

These social media tips all revolve around using social media to market your event (or your attendance at an event). Enjoy them all in one spot!

  1. Get a branded hashtag to use across all social channels – should be unique, short, memorable, and remember: capitalization is important! Tweet this!

  2. Start adding your hashtag to all promotional material: your blog, email signature, print material, website, ads, etc. Tweet this!

  3. Set up a Facebook event, invite your friends and mailing list, and encourage people to share; don’t forget to post regular event updates here as well! Tweet this!

  4. If you have a page on your website where people are directed for info, make a shortened link for ease and for tracking – is a great tool. Tweet this!

  5. If your event has speakers or vendors or sponsors, make a list of their social media handles so you can introduce them and promote them (and they will likely return the favor!) Tweet this!

  6. Run ticket giveaway contests on social media as a way to engage fans and increase reach. Tweet this!

  7. After people register, redirect them to a landing page that makes it easy to share on social media – people are more likely to go to events when they know their friends are going. Tweet this!

  8. Hold a Google Hangout on Air to give a preview of the event activities, presenters, and topics, and let people ask questions about your event. Tweet this!

  9. Use Facebook to create an early bird offer for tickets – set a limit so that the tickets are exclusive! Tweet this!

  10. Set up a casual Tweetup at the beginning of the event – a dedicated area where Twitter users can go to meet each other in person. Tweet this!

  11. You’ll be busy on the day of the event, so schedule some posts in advance for static information (i.e. start/lunch/finish time, agenda, etc.) to free up your time for more spontaneous activity. Tweet this!

  12. Take pictures! And make sure the process to get the pics to a phone or computer for posting is simple, especially if you have multiple people. Tweet this!

  13. You will need someone monitoring the online world for mentions of your brand or event so that they can reply in real time, especially if someone is posting a complaint. Tweet this!

  14. During downtimes, ask attendees for quick video testimonials. Ask questions like “What was your favourite part?” and “What made you want to attend?” Tweet this!

  15. If your budget is tight, consider having a social media sponsor – a professional who will help you out in return for sponsorship and/or complimentary tickets. Tweet this!

  16. If you have a social media team, make sure it’s easy for them to communicate unobtrusively and share photos, videos, and information. Tweet this!

  17. Create a game, contest, or campaign that encourages people to post live at your event – and don’t forget your branded hashtag! Tweet this!

  18. Have charging stations convenient for attendees – they can’t tweet about what a great time they’re having if their phone is dead! Tweet this!

  19. Create a twitter wall and display it on a big screen at your event to encourage other attendees to join the conversation. Tweet this!

  20. Create post templates that are accessible is a shared document or folder to quickly answer common questions from attendees. Tweet this!

  21. When the event is over, use Storify to create a one-stop-shop for tweets and Instagram photos taken during the event. Tweet this!

  22. Make sure to ask for feedback on what worked and didn’t for next year – both from the people helping you and from your followers. Tweet this!

  23. Ask the presenters for their presentations and share them on Slideshare for those who couldn’t make it or want a refresher. Tweet this!

  24. Compile all of the statistics for your hashtags, mentions, shares, etc. so that you can see what worked best when planning for next year! Tweet this!