Social Media Tools You Can't Live Without

There are so many social media tools out there that it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones to use. This is my list of must-have tools (note that most of these have both paid and free options - in all cases I am reviewing the free options).

I was first drawn to as a way to track unfollows in Twitter. You know those people – they follow you in the hopes of getting an automatic followback, then unfollow you a day later to inflate their own Twitter stats. The other things I like seeing are which tweeps are talking with you (engaged members) and who is retweeting your stuff (supporters). The other great item is “Consider to Unfollow” – it gives you a list of people you are following (obviously) who you’ve had ZERO interaction with. Maybe you’re following them because you love their tweets but are too intimidated to engage them. Or more likely, you followed them 3 years ago because they’re a friend of a friend of your dog’s groomer. Go on, click ‘unfollow’. They’ll only notice if they’re using :)

Warning: engaging with users from the dashboard will add a to all of your tweets Bonus: integrates with Buffer if you have the paid version


I can use Tweriod to find out that most of my followers are online around 8pm on Mondays – so guess when I’m going to send out my most important tweets? I can also see that on the weekends, I get the most @replies in the morning, between 9am and 10am.

Warning: when using the free account, you can only get updated stats monthly Bonus: integrates with Buffer, and automatically adds your best times to your Buffer schedule


It’s pretty simple: set up a domain or subdomain you want to monitor (for example, your website or blog), and PinAlert will tell you when someone pins one of your images. It will also tell you the user who pinned it, what board they pinned it to, and will give you a direct link to the pin – this makes it easy to see and reply to any comments. This can also be important for people who are worried about copyright (photographers and designers, I’m talking to you) and want more oversight on where their images are appearing.

Warning: you cannot monitor your Facebook, Google, Ebay, Tumbler site.  Go here for full list of unusable domains. Bonus: since you don't have to own the domain you're monitoring, you can also what to see what the competition is doing. is a nifty content aggregating system.  You can 'scoop' articles from a variety of sources (Twitter, Google Blogs, etc.) to make a newsletter.  Or you can just use it to find targeted content to share with your followers one article at a time.  Or you can do both.  I like that you can add your own comment to the article before sharing it, and that comment will be featured on the article image.

Warning: there is no mobile app, so it's only usable on your laptop or tablet Bonus: integrates with Buffer

What other social media tools do you use?  Let me know if you try out any of my suggestions!