Social Media Updates for April 2017

Social Media Updates for April 2017

Keep on top of the latest news, changes, and updates in social media all in one place! This month features Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat!



Universal Inbox for Facebook and Instagram

I have seen this on some (but not all) of the pages I admin. Both on desktop and in the Facebook Pages app, going to your page messages will let you see your page messages, comments on your Facebook posts, and comments on your Instagram posts! Read more.

Reactions Affect the Algorithm

Reactions (love, haha, sad, etc.) are given more weight in the newsfeed algorithm than regular likes. Read more.

Run Facebook Live from your Desktop

No more shaky cam! Now you can go live from your desktop, which also allows you to display your desktop for presentations, tutorials, or gaming. Read more.

Split Test your Facebook Ads

Split testing was always available if you wanted to do it manually, but now Facebook has rolled out this functionality to everyone. Check this out if you want to find out what combos of ad copy/images/videos your audience likes best. Read more.

Compare Recent Ads

When you're looking at ads in the Ads Manager App on your phone, you can now easily compare the last few ads you've run - very helpful when you're comparing performance to see which audience engaged more or which photo got the best reach. Read more.


Shadowbanning aka the Hashtag Problem

In the last few months, many users have been reporting a drastic fall in engagement on business Instagram accounts - this phenomenon has become known as shadowbanning.

Here is how it works: you have a hashtag in your post, and when you search for that hashtag your post shows up in the search results. However...when any other user who doesn't follow you searches for that hashtag...your post doesn't appear. Instagram is aware of this and has no ETA to fix it - some reports say that this is intended functionality.

Some users have reported the following ways to 'fix' this problem:

  • switch back to personal profile, as this primarily affects business accounts (keep in mind you'll lose your insights!)
  • stop posting for 1-2 weeks, then resume

I am currently a victim of this so I have stopped posting temporarily. If that doesn't work I may switch back to a personal profile.

Read more.

Organize your Saved Posts

If you save a lot of Instagram posts, you can now create categories to keep things organized for when you're looking at them later. Read more.

New Stickers for Stories

You can now add a selfie sticker to an image or video - great for trading faces or showing multiple reactions to a shot! You can now also see a screen of your most recently used stickers, so no more scrolling to find those favorites. Read more.

Direct Messages Updated

You can now add videos and images to DMs, making customer service easier than ever. Read more.


Edit your Profile Photo

When you upload your profile photo, you can now do some basic edits and add filters to your photo. Note that this is currently only available in the mobile app. Read more.

Additional Updates to the Home Page

LinkedIn continues to tweak things after the massive update to the platform last month. Some of the changes include:

  • notifications for articles published by connections are gone [[sad face!!]]
  • customize notifications for birthdays, new jobs, anniversaries, etc.
  • added back some advanced search features

Read more.


Usernames Don't Count in Replies

Usernames no longer count toward 140 characters (for real this time!). When you reply, those usernames won't even appear in the text box, but who you are replying to will still be indicated above. Read more.


'World' Lenses Added

Lenses aren't just for selfies anymore! You can now add lenses (stickers, funny characters, etc.) to images or videos taken with your back-facing camera. Read more.

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