Social Media Updates for August 2016

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Instagram Stories - Stolen or Not They're Great

If you are on Instagram or Snapchat (or even not) you probably heard the recent hubbub about Instagram (or it's parent company Facebook) stealing the idea of temporary stories from Snapchat. Why I think it was a smart move: Many people already have an established following on Instagram, and it is difficult to start from scratch on Snapchat.

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Pinterest Ads Finally Introduced

Ads are now available for Canada - and the targeting settings are eerily similar to Facebook. You all probably know how much of a fan I am of Facebook ad targeting, so this is very exciting!

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Facebook Messaging System Customizations

As Facebook makes its page messaging system more convenient for users to contact businesses, so to does it have to make the system more robust for business owners. Within 5 minutes of them introducing the 'responsiveness' feature I was wishing for the ability to put an 'out of office' on my messages for when I was taking time away from work. And voila, it's now here! If you go into your messaging settings, you can now set custom auto-responders and set up a schedule for what days/times you want them sent.

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Facebook Reply to Comments Privately

When someone comments on your page post, you can reply with a private message instead of a public comment - perfect for those potentially sticky customer service issues! When someone comments, you should now have a new option of 'Message' beside 'Like' and 'Reply'.

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Facebook Preferred Page Audience - Don't Panic

We all know that organic reach is an ongoing issue - this might help to fix that. Now you can target people more specifically but setting the interests that align with your page. What Facebook will then do is match up these interests with your followers and give your posts to them a little more priority. Note that it doesn't filter out posts from people who don't have these interests - it just makes people with matching interests more likely to see your post near the top of their newsfeed.

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Facebook People & Other Pages: Now for Non-Wizards

You used to have to be a wizard to find the list of people who liked your page, since Facebook got rid of easy access years ago. And if someone posted something gross or inappropriate, you could only ban them if you got to it before they (potentially) deleted their own post. Now you can easily see up to 500 people (and pages) that like your page. No, you still can't see the list of everyone because of personal privacy settings.

Twitter Making It Easier To Schedule

Twitter has improved its native scheduling capabilities by creating the Twitter Dashboard. The dashboard looks pretty similar to the normal Twitter layout, so it’s easily to use: There is an iOS app that you can use as well, but it's currently only available in the US. The way you schedule works much like Facebook, but there’s one thing that’s awesome: you can view your scheduled tweets in a calendar view, which is a feature that I have been wishing for Facebook for a long time!

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Twitter Verified

You no longer need to be a celebrity or public figure to request a verified account - apply right here! Keep in mind that simply applying does not guarantee you that little blue checkmark - you'll have to provide online evidence that you are who you say you are as well as a mini-essay about why you should be verified.

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Snapchat: Replace Your Face with a Giant Emoji

We've been able to add emojis to snaps for quite a while now, but here's the new twist: when you're snapping a vid, you can now 'pin' an emoji or custom drawing to a certain place and it will actually move with the video!

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