Social Media Updates for December 2016

Social Media Updates for December 2016

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Blocking Online Abuse

Recently Twitter has taken steps to make it easier for people to report abuse on the network, but now it's taken than a step further. In addition to being able to block or mute users, you can also mute keywords, phrases, or entire conversations you don’t want to see notifications about.

But...please don't use this just to ignore valid criticism or customer complaints :)

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Enhancements to Replies

Twitter has also updated the reply function. Now, like with likes and retweets, you will also see the reply count on a tweet.

In addition, they have introduced reply ranking (similar to how the comments on Facebook work) so that the best replies will be shown first, instead of in chronological order. How do they determine which replies are best? Some of the factors are if the reply if from someone you follow, or if you've replied back to the person.

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Moments Now Available

Any user can now create their own Moments. I think this is a great opportunity for event marketing or to highlight the content of clients or partners!

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Conversation Starters

Never know what to say in a LinkedIn message? Want to re-engage your followers but now sure how? Conversation starters are a great way to find out what you and your followers have in common. Caution: please make at least some minor edits to the message. If everyone just uses the default wording they will start to seem spammy.

Note: this hasn't rolled out to everyone yet.

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Turn Off Your Comments

Like Twitter, Instagram is also making efforts to make users feel more safe. Now you can completely turn off comments on a post (you can turn them back on later if you change your mind).

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Add Live Videos to Stories

Been using the Story feature? Initially you could only take still photos and add text, emojis, or doodles to them. Now you can also add live video to your stories!

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Disappearing Stories in Instagram Direct

We've been able to send Instagram photos directly to users, but now they've introduced a very familiar feature if you use Snapchat: Disappearing Stories. For businesses, this might be a great way to send short personalized replies to your followers.

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Updates to Lead Ads

Lead ads (ads designed to capture contact details from your audience) now have the following new features: draft forms to complete your ad later on, field validation to ensure the information is correct, integration with existing marketing software (i.e. Mailchimp, Marketo, etc.), and a more streamlined ad design.

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Additional Explanation of Metrics Mishap

You may have heard about a problem with the numbers that were being reported in Facebook Insights. Facebook has now provided a very thorough explanation of the reporting, and it's not as bad as everyone was making it out to be.

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Explore Advertising Options Before Spending Your Money

Facebook has so many different ad options, and now they've created a space for you to experiment to see what you like best. In addition, you can also get inspired by a gallery of other successful ads.

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Feature Your Best Boards

Pinterest now allows you to select up to 5 boards to be featured on your profile. The boards will create a rotating banner at the top. Pick the boards that are most relevant to you business, like the ones that have pins that link back to your website - make sure to fill these up with your most attractive images.

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Promoted Pins Available in Canada

Promoted pins are finally available in Canada! Pinterest is amazing for driving traffic to your website, especially if you are a retailer or you offer downloadable products.

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"Tried It" for Your Pins

If you create pins for things like recipes, crafts, tutorials, etc. you can now give your audience a way to track their DIY efforts. On mobile, users now have an option to 'check' a pin that they've tried to let them keep track, and they can even give feedback on their own experience that everyone will be able to see.

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Simplified Notifications

"News" and "You" have been combined into a single "News" tab, and they've consolidated similar notifications. For example, instead of getting 10 notifications that people liked a pin, you'll get 1 notification that 10 people liked a pin.

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New Analytics Available for Instagram

Hootsuite had already introduced their new analytics reporting for Twitter and Facebook Pages, and now it's available for Instagram as well.

Note: the new analytics reporting is currently only available for paid Hootsuite accounts.


Update to Instagram Integration

Buffer has enhanced how it's Instagram functionality works. You can now preview your scheduled posts as a grid, just as they'd appear in Instagram. You also get multiple reminders to post your photos in case you miss the first one.

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Admin Tool for Teams

If you use Buffer for Business, you now have an easy way to manage all of your team members, their permissions, and your social media accounts.

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