Social Media Updates for February 2017

Social Media Updates for February 2017

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Algorithm Update

Facebook has created a new factor in how likely your post is to appear in your followers newsfeeds: authenticity. How does it decide if a post is authentic or not? Pages who routinely ask for likes, comments, and shares, as well as pages who often have negative feedback on posts (hide this post) will be considered less authentic.

If you run a lot of contest asking for likes, comments, and shares (some of which totally violates FB contest guidelines and privacy guidelines, BTW) you may start to see less reach for your posts overall. Full details

New Advertising Policy Against Discrimination

There is a new advertising policy plus some education materials prohibiting advertisers from creating ads or target audiences based on discrimination, or from including discriminatory content in ads. Full details

How Videos Rank in the Newsfeed

The longer a video is viewed (percent completion), the more reach it will get. Additionally, longer videos that have a high percent completion will get even more reach because it's a bigger commitment to watch a longer video.

You want people to stick around to watch your video? Make sure to hook them right from the start - don't waste a lot of time with a long animated intro - get right to the good stuff! Full details

Ads Now Target Page Visitors & Engagers

You can now create a custom audience to target people who have engaged with your page. This includes: page visitors, people who engage with your posts, people who click your CTA button or message your page. If you don't have all of the options, it's possible your page does not currently have enough engagement for the options to be available. Full details

New Role for Live Video Contributors

You may want to allow someone to do Facebook Live videos on your page, but you don't want to give them Admin access. Now there is a new user role called 'Live Contributor'. Full details


Create Story GIFs from iOS Live Photos

Previously, if you wanted to create GIFs for your Instagram Stories, you had to film live in the Boomerang app. Now, iOS users can import their live photos taken in the last 24 hours into Stories without using Boomerang. Full details

Insights for Stories Now Available

You should now be able to access metrics on reach, impressions, replies, and exits for each individual Story. Full details


New Explore Tab

The Explore tab combines trends, Moments, search, and the best of live video. Full details

Twitter Live Now Available

Periscope is now completely integrated with Twitter and is called 'Twitter Live'. Full details


More Control Over Your Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ad functionality is started to look more and more like Facebook! Now there are Ad Groups where you can control the budget, targeting, and start/end dates of select groups of promoted pins. This means you can keep all of the pins in 1 campaign, which makes reporting a lot easier. Full details

Find Related Pins

See a pin you like? Click the 'More' icon on the image and your Pinterest newsfeed will update with pins that are like the one you clicked on. Over time the newsfeed will learn what you like and start to filter out the things you don't seem to be interested in. So keep creating interesting content - sounds like an algorithm is on the way! Full details


LinkedIn Redesigned for Desktop

Logged in to LinkedIn on your laptop recently? The site has a new look and there are some new features like who is reading & engaging with your content. Full details

New Search Functionality

You now have one place to find People, Jobs, Companies, Groups, and Schools. LinkedIn will also offer suggested searches when you start typing. You can also search for people using the following search operators: firstname, lastname, title, company, school. Full details

New Settings for Pulse Reading

You can now choose to turn off comments for articles that you post on Pulse, and report inappropriate comments. Full details


Super Chat for Live Streams

Super Chat allows your audience to purchase a message space during a live stream - these messages will remain pinned to the top of the chat for up to five hours and are highlighted to stand out. My understanding is that you keep some or part of the Super Chat income, but so far no details on how to control spam. Full details


Send Snapchatters to Your Website

You can now create a Snapcode that links directly to your website. Full details