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Facebook Algorithm Changes (Again!)

Facebook users have spoken, and Facebook is making another change to its algorithm: friends & family come first, entertainment comes second. If you've been putting in a half-hearted effort on your Facebook page, you will likely see your reach and engagement drop. If you are rocking Facebook (perhaps with Live Video which gets massive reach and engagement!) you will likely see little change.

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Snapchat Caters to Parents & Marketers, Throws Young Users into a Tizzy

One of the main distinguishing features of Snapchat has been its ephemeral nature: pictures that last for as little as 10 seconds or as long as 24 hours but no more. Now Snapchat is introducing Memories, which allows you to permanently save your snaps, and will make the platform much more attractive to businesses and marketers. But will this change cause the primarily 13-20 year old demographic to flee? Who knows?

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Now You Can Target Your Twitter Ads to Those Poop-Emoji Users, Just Like You've Always Wanted

It's not as silly as it sounds. Emojis are now a part of everyday written conversation, so why not use them for ad targeting just like keywords? If you don't believe it, the 2015 Oxford Word of the Year was:

'Face with Tears of Joy' Emoji

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Facebook Applies It's Nefarious Algorithm to Instagram's Newsfeed

As with Facebook, if you are already seeing a high amount of engagement on Instagram, the newsfeed change likely won't affect you much. But if you do see a decrease in your likes and comments, it may be time to do some investigating into what content previously got the most engagements and focus on creating more content just like it.

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Shop Right From Pinterest, The World's Largest Catalogue Cleverly Masquerading as a Social Network

Pinterest has teamed up with some select partners (including Shopify) to allow people to purchase items that have been pinned, all without leaving the site. As of right now, Pinterest is not adding in any other fees on top of this feature.


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Because Mobile Live Streaming Video is Already on Every Other Platform, the World's Largest Video Site Figured They Better Have it Too

To be fair, YouTube has had live streaming for quite awhile, but now it's being added to the YouTube app so that you can create a live video on the go, right from your phone.

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Microsoft Buys LinkedIn. If You Use Slack, Evernote, or Google You Probably Don't Care.

The perfect marriage of an enterprise software solution and a corporate social network used primarily by middle-aged executives. It will be interesting to see what kind of changes this will bring to the "ordinary" LinkedIn user.

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Facebook Pages Redesigned - Author Not A Fan

If you've gone directly to your Facebook page on desktop lately, you may have noticed that it looks a bit different than before (and if there is no change, just you wait!). I'm not digging the new look.

I'm also thinking about all of the tutorials that I'll have to redo because things have moved around. On the other hand, we know that people rarely visit our pages directly once they've liked it, so maybe the page appearance doesn't really matter that much.

What you do think? Do you like it? Or am I just being like this:

Courtesy Fox/The Simpsons

Courtesy Fox/The Simpsons

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