Social Media Updates for July 2017

Social Media Updates for July 2017

Keep on top of the latest news, changes, and updates in social media all in one place! This month features Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, as well as some helpful tools like Canva and Later.

#SocialMedia Updates for July 2017 featuring #Facebook, #Instagram, & #Snapchat

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Create a lookalike audience of your best customers

You can now create a lookalike audience for your facebook ad that is based on your customizers with the highest value. Basically: you create a spreadsheet of your client data that contains information about their value to your company (i.e. how much they spend with you each month, or how much you project they will buy in the future). That becomes your audience, then facebook can create a lookalike audience based on those people. Full details.

cover videos are here!

Facebook cover videos are here! Your video should be the same dimensions approx as your cover image and be between 20-90 seconds. If you find that your video freezes or won't upload, not to worry - Facebook is working out the bugs. Full details.

Schedule Group Posts

You can now schedule posts directly in a group just like you can on a page!

Comment with a gif

Facebook now allows you to comment on a post with a reaction gif functionality built right in, just like Twitter. Full details.

Create a custom audience from Instagram engagers

Have a super active engaged Instagram presence? You can now create a custom Facebook audience (in order to serve ads) from people who have engaged with your Instagram profile. Note: you have to have a business profile on Instagram for this to work. Full details.



live videos now get 24 hour replay

When you’re done your Instagram live video, you can share it to your stories so people can watch the replay for 24 hours. Full details.

don't miss any stories

Instead of just appearing at the top of your feed and disappearing the moment you start to scroll, Stories now appear in between posts to catch your attention.

New tools added for comment moderation

You can now turn on a setting that will block offensive comments. At the moment, you have to let Instagram decide what is offensive. Full details.



Revamped its look on desktop + app

Twitter updated it's interface with some new icons - if you haven't logged in in awhile, you may need a moment to reorient yourself.



New features

They continue to tweak after the big overhaul:

  • on your profile, you can now reorder current positions and education
  • you can see how many times you’re being found in search results
  • you can add an image in a comment
  • messages now have quick replies

Full details.



Create your own geofilters

You can create a custom geofilter right from your phone starting at $5.99. Full details.

Snap map

The latest update added the snap map, which shows you the actual location of your friends. If this freaks you out, turn it off by going to settings> see my location> ghost mode. Full details.

Updates to the ad manager

Ads are now easier for you to create and manage yourself via the new self-serve ad manager on your phone. Full details.





One of the features that was missing from Later than other tools had was profile preview - basically see what your profile will look like when all of your scheduled posts are complete. Later now has this, as well as drag & drop capability for changing scheduled posts.


Canva is moving into the print world! You can create your designs and set them to be printed and shipped to you (like VistaPrint). Full details.


#SocialMedia Updates for July 2017 featuring #Facebook, #Instagram, & #Snapchat

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