Social Media Updates for March 2017

Social Media Updates for March 2017

Keep on top of the latest news, changes, and updates in social media all in one place! This month features: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, and Be.Live.



Enhancements to Lead Ads

You can now connect your lead ads directly to your email marketing or CRM software - it uses Zapier to be able to integrate the ads with a ton of different services. Full details.


Send an Ad Via Facebook Messenger

This is not as sleazy as it sounds. You won't be pushing yourself into people's private messages - they still have to click on your ad, and then instead of going to a page or a website it opens up messenger and your message appears. This is a great way to start personal conversations with potential customers, offer them discounts on your products and services, or direct them to free resources. Full details.


Advertise Job Openings on Your Page

On your page you'll find a new 'Jobs' tab where you can advertise open positions. Bonus: the 'salary' field is optional and the 'job type' includes the option Volunteer, which is a great way for volunteer organizations to fill positions. Full details.

Facebook Live Updates

You can pin comments to your broadcast which is great when answering specific questions or giving shoutouts to your favourite comments and commenters. A permalink ( is also now available so you have something to send to people ahead or during a live broadcast so they know where to go to watch. Full details.





Lead Ads Now Available

Lead ads, which I discussed above for Facebook, are now available on Instagram! Grow that email list! Full details.


Include Up To 10 Photos in Your post

This won't create a grid, it will create a swipeable slideshow of photos. An indicator underneath the photos will tell people that there are multiple photos available to view. Full details.


Create an Ad for Your Stories

With Stories being prominent at the top of the page, it makes sense for advertisers to want to be a part of that space. Full details.




Search Ads Now Available

Now you can create ads based on search keywords, which is especially helpful for B2B since the Pinterest interest categories are pretty slim when it comes to business and technology. Your ad will show up in the search results when someone is looking for your keyword (just like Google Adwords). Full details.




Article Comment Moderation

When someone comments on an article you've posted, you now have some moderation tools to hide and report inappropriate comments. Full details.




New App integrations Added

Slack, OneDrive, AdEspresso, PromoRepublic, JIRA Service Desk, WeChat.


‘Suggestions’ Feature is Gone

To be honest, it wasn't very good at giving me relevant info (though I did LOVE how it scheduled things into blank spots in my calendar).


Updates to Enhance App

You can edit filters, stickers, text, etc. at any point of the design process (no more starting over from scratch!). Full details.


Other Apps



Be.Live is a great solution for Facebook Live broadcasting from your desktop (while we wait for Facebook to come out with it's own solution). You can display a lower third for your name, notes, or questions, and you can have 2 people broadcasting at a time which is great for interviews or collaborations. Full details.

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