Social Media Updates for May 2017

Social Media Updates for May 2017

Keep on top of the latest news, changes, and updates in social media all in one place! This month features Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and Hootsuite!


Post in group as business page

A long-requested feature is here! You can now make your Facebook Page an admin on your Facebook Group - meaning that you and your page admins can post in the group as your business, and the group is obviously linked to your business.

The biggest benefit to this is that you can have people moderate your group without having to join with their personal profile! Full details.


Ask Pending Group Members Questions

If you would like to get to know your group members a little better, or to try to filter out spammers, you can set up to 3 questions that people will be asked when they request to join your group. Full details.


Reducing links to low-quality websites

Facebook has tweaked the newsfeed again! Any links that are shared to "low quality websites" will get less reach. What is considered low quality? "[A] web page containing little substantive content and that is covered in disruptive, shocking or malicious ads." If your website is full of ads and pop-ups, it might be time for an update! Full details.


Update to Pixel tracking

Your Facebook Pixel will now track even more information that you can use in your advertising efforts! The big news is that it will now track actions on a page, instead of just page visits. Full details.

Reactions on comments

You may have already noticed, but the new Facebook reactions are now available on comments as well as posts! Full details.


Updates to Ad metrics

You now have additional metrics to look at in your ads manager dashboard, including Estimated Daily Results and Auction Metrics. Full details.


Emoji Search

If your target audience is one that tends to use a lot of emojis, you're in luck! You can now search by tons of emojis. Full details.



General Updates

LinkedIn is rolling out some general updates: LinkedIn will suggest things from your profile that you can share, there are new automated message suggestions, and you can now find nearby LinkedIn members. Note that you can choose to opt-in or out of all of these features.


Ad remarketing

More advanced features (similar to what Facebook and Pinterest are already doing) are now available in LinkedIn: website retargeting, contact targeting, and account targeting. Full details.


Lead generation ads

Taking another cue from Facebook, you can now collect leads with ads right on LinkedIn! Full details.



Like button going away (not yet, but heads up!)

Pinterest has decided to get rid of the like button, since it's really the save button (aka pin button) that is truly valuable. So if it disappears on you one day soon don't panic! Full details.



Limitless snaps, new editing tools

Very interesting update to Snapchat this month - you can now create snaps that don't disappear, no matter how many times the person replays it! In addition, there is a new loop tool and a magic eraser in your editing tools. Full details.



Slack App Integration

New app added! Slack for Hootsuite allows you to select a social media post, add a comment and send it directly to a Slack Channel within your team. Full details.