Social Media Updates for November 2016

Social Media Updates for November 2016

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Note: as of this update, I will now start including updates for social media tools.


Crossposting videos

If you are in a promotional partnership with another business, this is a great way to allow both pages to post the same videos. To do this, both pages have to add each other in Settings > Crossposting.

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New CTAs

Business Pages now have additional CTAs to choose from. The full list includes: Book Now, Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video, Send Email, Learn More.

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New ads for retailers

Now you can link actual in-store availability to your ads, and deliver them to people who are more likely to visit (i.e. in the correct geographic area). These new ad types are rolling out to businesses gradually so if you don't see this option in your ad manager, keep checking. 

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Facebook Messenger Ads

AKA Facebook Bots. You can now deliver ads via private message if a user has previously messaged your business page, or you can create an ad that drives people to messenger. The purpose - so they can interact with a bot that provides additional information about your products or services.

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Schedule Facebook Live

If you use a 3rd party live streaming video service & have a verified page, you can now pre-schedule Facebook Live videos that have a pre-event lobby, let you easily promote the live event, & notifies users when the stream is starting.

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Unique URLs for Tabs

Way back when, you used to be able to link people directly to different tabs on your Facebook page. That ability is back! You can find the unique URL for each tab under Settings > Edit Page and then click the 'settings' button for the tab you want to link to.


More Integration of Twitter & Periscope

If you have a periscope account, there is now a field to link to it directly on your twitter profile.

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enhancements to ads

To increase engagement, Instagram has made the 'Learn More' button on ads stand out more by making it bigger, and making it change colour if a user interacts with the ad in any way. If a user goes to your profile from an ad, the 'Learn More' link is displayed on your profile temporarily. And if you have a video ad, a user who unmutes your video is automatically taken to your landing page - but the video continues to display above for them to watch.

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boomerang & mentions added to stories

You can now get more creative & generate engagement with posts that you're adding to your stories. Mentions allow you to tag other users (for example, other people in the photo, where you are, etc.). Boomerang allows you to take a video that plays backwards and forwards.

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Hashtags are back on LinkedIn - but they only work in the mobile app. So if you stopped adding hashtags to LinkedIn posts, now might be a good time to add them back in.

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Read Later

Never have enough time to read the articles you find on LinkedIn? Now you can easily bookmark articles to read later. The only problem? It's extremely difficult to find your bookmarks in the regular app, but easy to find in the associated Pulse app.

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LinkedIn is trying to make endorsements more relevant, instead of just the 'you endorse me I'll endorse you' game. When people are endorsing you, the options they'll be given will be based on a combination of 1) what skills do you have listed at the top, and 2) what skills *they* are knowledgeable about.

In addition, when someone endorses you, there is a link to thank them that opens up a direct message.

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Photo Editing App

Enhance is a photo editing app (only available on iOS for now) that integrates with Hootsuite so that you can schedule a post with a photo to any connected network. The app itself also has a bunch of pre-sized templates for different networks (ala Canva) that make sizing a breeze. The app has filters, basic adjustments, you can add text, shapes, social media icons AND . . . you can save logos to always be able to brand your images.

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