Social Media Updates for October 2016


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Twitter finally loosens up 140 character limit

You've been hearing about it for months now, and it's finally here! Now when you add media to a tweet (photo, video, poll, or gif) it no longer takes up character space. As well, when you reply to someone, their username at the beginning of the tweet doesn't count.

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Now You Can Think Twice About That Instagram Update with 'Save as Draft' Feature

Ever take the perfect Instagram photo and apply the perfect edits but don't know what to caption it? Or need to do some hashtag research? Now you can save your post as a draft and come back to edit later. Or use the draft feature to save all of your posts for review later if you tend to be an impulsive poster.

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Nasty Commenters on Instagram? Now You Can Easily Hide Those Comments

A lot of female celebrities and politicians have seen a surge in hateful comments on Instagram. Now (a la Facebook) you can block those comments - turning on this feature will hide anything already posted and prevent these comments from appearing in the future. You can customize what gets blocked by specifying what words you don't want to see.

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Job Hunt on LinkedIn Without Letting the World Know

This is primarily for people who are job hunting and don't want their current employer to know, but it could also be handy for anyone running a business. Sometimes you don't want the public or clients to know you are employed on the side.

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Auto-Advance Frustration on Snapchat Stories is No More

Ever glance up for a second while watching a Snapchat story and miss everything? Or it's moved on to the next story before you had a chance to take in the current one? Now you are in control as you tap the screen to advance stories.

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