Social Media Updates for October 2017

Social Media Updates for October 2017

Keep on top of the latest news, changes, and updates in social media all in one place! This month features Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Canva.

#SocialMedia updates for October 2017 coming your way!

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Explore Feed

Pessimists insist that this is the first step in Facebook’s war on small business. I prefer to take the feature for what it currently is - another place to get your business’s content discovered by a wider audience. The Explore feed will show users content that is similar to pages they already like, so there is more emphasis than ever on creating valuable, engaging content. Full details.

Eventbrite Integration

Previously only available in the UK, this integration now seems to have rolled out to everyone. If you use Eventbrite, now people can register right from the comfort of a Facebook event without having to click through to the Eventbrite page. Full details.

Screenshare with Facebook Live

You can now share your desktop during a Facebook Live, perfect for doing presentations or tutorials without a 3rd party solution. The only caveat: it’s an all or nothing feature - you cannot switch back and forth between the screenshare and your camera. Full details.

Facebook Group Insights

Facebook has rolled out Group Insights to even more groups - it looks like now groups with 100 or more members will now have insights.


Go Live With a Guest

Now you can do an Instagram Live and bring a guest on to stream with you - perfect for colleagues, collaborators, and guest experts! Note that you can only add the guest to the video after you start the livestream. Full details.

Create Polls in Instagram Stories

Have a fun yes/no question to ask your audience? Instagram has introduced a new sticker than actually creates a polling option on your story, increasing the amount of engagement you can generate. Full details.


Smart Message Replies

LinkedIn has improved it’s smart reply feature, now offering reply suggestions that make a little more sense depending on the context of the message. Full details.


Make GIFs in Canva

Use Canva to easily make GIFs so you can add another engaging type of content to your social media feeds. Full details.

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DIY-ing Your Social Media?


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