Social Media Updates for September 2017

Social Media Updates for September 2017

Keep on top of the latest news, changes, and updates in social media all in one place! This month features Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

What's new in #socialmedia for Sept 2017? Get the deets here!

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Send Ads to People Who Have Checked In At Your Business

This is huge news for brick-and-mortar businesses - Facebook is adding the ability to create a custom audience of people who have visited your location and checked in - and not to fear, if your custom audience is too small you can always use that to create a lookalike audience for your ads. Full details.


If You Used Power Editor for Your Ads…

Facebook has now merged the Ads Manager and Power Editor - not to worry, nothing is being lost since the two tools were gradually becoming identical anyway. Full details.




Customize Your Direct Messages

If you have multiple people managing your Twitter account and responding to DMs, you might find it helpful to apply for custom profiles right here. This way, people know which member of your team they are talking to! Full details.




Live Video Comes to LinkedIn

If you go to post an update on LinkedIn via the mobile app, you may notice that there is a new icon beside the photo icon - a video icon! You can now go live from your device - this is rolling out *extremely* slowly to users, so no need to panic if you don’t have it yet. Full details.


LinkedIn Adds Audience Network to Ads

So you know when you’re playing Angry Birds and those ads pop up at the bottom of the screen, or you have to view them to unlock some content? Those are delivered via Audience Network. If you do Facebook Ads, you might be familiar with this. Well now LinkedIn has added the ability to deliver LinkedIn advertising via Audience Network. Full details.



Use More Advanced Interests to Target Ads

Pinterest is introducing the ‘Taste Graph’ which allows you to get more specific with the interests you want to target. They are reporting that as a result, ads are more effective (which means lower cost!).  Full details.


Set Your Video Ads to Autoplay

Everyone now has the ability to make their promoted videos autoplay when they appear in someone’s feed. Full details.

Check out the latest #socialmedia news for Sept 2017!

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DIY-ing Your Social Media?


Tired of contradictory or out-of-date Google search results? 

Frustrated by not knowing *what* to search for?

Wish you had a central hub to learn about social media, ask questions, and get support?