The Aggressive Sales Pitch: Business Necessity or Total Turn Off?

For me, the bottom line is this: if you are using overly aggressive sales tactics on me, I will walk away no matter how much I want your product. There are very few places these days that have exclusive rights to a certain product. As a result, I know that I can always shop somewhere else, and frequently do! Is it just the Canadian in me? A few years ago I went to a sales & marketing seminar that was being run by a nice lady from Dallas, TX. Her tips included a lot of follow-up calls, leveraging your own friendships and those of your customers to get sales, etc. When she was done the audience was silent…until one brave soul stood up and said she that not only would those tips not work on her, she would also never employ them with her customers as it would drive them off. The rest of us quickly echoed those sentiments, much to the presenter’s dismay.

Robert Warlow wrote an excellent article about the downside of aggressive sales tactics, and I particularly like the following quote:

“…you can quickly see what being pushy is – forcing your will onto the buyer, countering resistance with more force, using effort to get a result. This is not how to make a sale or encourage someone to buy from you again! You must always remember that a customer is with you because he wants to be there – he can quickly change his mind”

Do I simply have a low threshold for pushiness Maybe some people define this as assertiveness.  There is no doubt in my mind that these methods work, but do they work long-term? Robert Warlow doesn’t think so, and neither do I.

What kind of experiences have you had buying and selling? Do you use "aggressive" tactics?  How successful are they?  What other tactics do you use?