The Most Overlooked Facebook Page Tool: Featured Likes

Notice how there’s a box on your Facebook page timeline for the other pages you’ve liked (from your page)? Ever wondered what to do with it?

5 pages that you’ve liked will appear on your timeline.  Visitors can click “See All” to view the rest of the pages, otherwise your page likes will rotate on your timeline each time they view your page.  But what if there is a page that you really want all of your visitors to see? What if there is a page that you really DON’T want visitors to see?  Maybe you want to reward a loyal customer or partner by having their page show up every time someone views your timeline!

Facebook allows you to set “featured likes” so that you can control which liked pages appear on your timeline.

To set your featured likes:

  1. Ensure you are using Facebook as your page, not as your personal profile
  2. From your page, go to Edit Page > Admin Roles
  3. Click Featured (in the left sidebar)
  4. Click Edit Featured Likes
  5. From the list check the boxes next to the pages you want to display (Note that your page can only display 5 likes at a time. If you select more than 5 likes, then those selected likes will rotate on your timeline. Any pages not selected will not appear on your timeline
  6. When you’re done, click Select
  7. Return to your page. In the Likes section you’ll see the pages you’ve selected