Tips for Advertising on Facebook

Tips for Advertising on Facebook

Facebook ads continue to evolve and it's difficult to keep up with specific instructions for the ad manager and the different types of ads that are available. However, there are some things that have remained consistent in all of the years that I've been training and coaching clients on Facebook ads. Here are my top tips!


Start off with the smallest budget possible. You can create a Facebook ad for as little as $5 (and remember if you change your mind or don't like the results you can pause your ad and you only owe whatever you've paid up to that point).

If you see a good result with $5, then add another $5 and so on. This ensures that you are not spending more than you're comfortable with - like if you had a personal emergency and forget all about your ads. No one wants to add a giant Facebook bill to an already stressful time.

Audience Size

Start off with the smallest audience possible. This may sound counter-intuitive, but bear with me. The smaller the audience (i.e. the more specific targeting you've used), the more specific you can get with your message - and this is likely to lead to better results.

If you see a good result, you can continue to expand your audience until you see the performance level out - that's when you know you've reached the biggest group of people with your specific wording/image/video.

Reuse Ads

If you create similar ads over and over again, you can copy all or part of any ad campaign and edit the details as needed.

Reuse Audiences

If you use similar target audiences over and over again, save those audience settings and give them a detailed name so that it's easy to reuse later. Since you are only saving the settings and not the actual audience members, the people you are targeting will be updated every time you create your ad. Generally my audience names include the important demographic/interest information.

Facebook Pixel

Set up the Facebook Pixel! Even if you're not running ads yet get this set up so that it can start collecting information. Go!

Use Warm Audiences

A warm audience will always respond better to your ad than a cold audience. Find warm audiences in the following ways:

  • target your page fans

  • target those who have engaged with your page

  • upload your existing mailing list

  • target people who have visited your website (you get this via the Facebook Pixel)

Naming Your Campaigns

Give your campaigns and ad sets names that make sense to you when you are analyzing performance or reusing them later. For example, if I am promoting a webinar, I might name things like this:

  • Campaign: Registrations for [Webinar Name]

    • Ad Set 1: Mailing List

      • Ad 1: picture of Brandi

      • Ad 2: webinar graphic

    • Ad Set 2: women, 25-50, interested in productivity

      • Ad 1: ad copy version 1

      • Ad 2: ad copy version 2

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