Top 3 Resources of 2014

This post first appeared in the Your Marketing Made Easy newsletter. For me, 2014 was all about creating efficiencies, and a lot of that involved making sure that all of my technology worked together no matter where in the world I was or what device I had access to.

Genius Scan

this app turns your photos into pdf scans. I’m paperless, and so I needed a quick and easy way to scan documents when I was away from my office. Turns out this is even easier to use than my scanner, since I can scan a document and then immediately upload it to Google Drive, so I now use it 100% of the time!

Download Genius Scan: iOS | Android

Streak for Gmail

Switching from Outlook to Gmail was great, but I did find myself missing a couple of features, namely the ability to track sent emails and to schedule emails to send at a future time. With Streak I have those features back, as well as the ability to “snooze” emails so they pop up at a specified time.

Download Streak for Gmail: Chrome | Safari | iOS


Finally, I was able to find a free to-do list app that syncs across all devices/laptops, allows recurring tasks, prioritization, and allows me to add tasks to different categories to keep things organized. If you use Chrome there is also a Gmail extension that allows you to create tasks from emails.

Download Todoist: Chrome | Windows | MacOS | iOS | Android