Top 5 Questions About Facebook Pages

Of all the social networks out there, it's still Facebook that I get the most questions about. Partly, that's because it has the most users. But partly it's because of Facebook's habit of rolling out changes and not sending notifications of updates to page admins. Hands up, who has ever logged into Facebook and found that it looked different, or something had changed, or something had moved, etc.?

This happens to me and I log into Facebook every day!

Where Can I see the Newsfeed for my Page?

You used to be able to log in to Facebook as your page and view a newsfeed of pages that you'd liked as your page. Switching back and forth between being your page and being yourself could get really confusing, so Facebook did away with the whole thing. Now you can access your page's newsfeed via a special link right on your page.

Any action you take on this newsfeed (likes, comments, shares) will be as your page.

How Do I Change The Order of My Page Sections?

Recently I've received comments about how page posts are no longer at the top of the page when people visit. This is part of the most recent page update, but luckily you have complete control over the order of how these things show up (remember, things like events, photos, videos, etc. used to show up in a sidebar that no longer exists). For example, on my page the order defaulted to:

  • events

  • photos

  • videos

  • posts

You can change this by going to Settings > Templates & Tabs then just drag each section to change the order. 

How Can I See Who Likes My Page?

This has moved all over the place throughout the years - now it is right under Settings > People and Other Pages.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 4.56.58 PM.png

Keep in mind that you will never be able to see all of the people who like your page. This is because of personal privacy settings. If I tell Facebook that I only want my friends to see which pages I like, page admins cannot see my name in this list. The exception would be if I am also Facebook friends with the page admin. This is why choosing a contest winner from your page likes is a NO-NO - it's not fair because you can't see everyone's name.

You can, however, see the names of all of the businesses that have liked your page. Give them a little love by liking them back or engaging on their page when appropriate!

How Do I Change My Page Name?

If you have changed the focus of your business, or you've had a name change, or your page name has been confusing people it might be time to update it! You probably spent a few minutes looking through your settings to figure out where to do this.

Surprise - Facebook has separated your business information settings from your page functionality settings. Your business information can be updated and reviewed right on the About section of your page.

Click Edit beside the name field and update your name. The change won't take effect immediately - Facebook now reviews name changes. If your new name is drastically different from your old name and it gets denied, you may need to contact Facebook to explain. Note: if you're changing your name because you're going in a totally different direction, then you probably want to create a new page because you'll be looking to attract a different type of audience than what you currently have.

How Do I Post Multiple Photos to Facebook From My Phone?

This may not be an issue for you depending on what phone you have and how up to date it is.

You take some photos, you open up the photos app, select a couple photos and the 'share to Facebook' option is not available. So you try again. You select 1 photo, pick 'share to Facebook' and the post opens up but you cannot add any additional photos. The fix is to always post via the Facebook or Pages app. When you create a post in the app you can always add as many photos as you want.

And that's my top 5!

Anything that you're wondering about - let me know. I'm happy to help!

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