Tradeshows & Business Events are Social Media Goldmines

Tradeshows & Business Events are Social Media Goldmines

Originally published on Your Marketing Made Easy

Trade shows and business events are full of marketing opportunities - and I'm not just talking about handing out postcards or luring people into giving up their email for a chance to win something that's shiny but not relevant to your business. I'm talking about generating buzz, having people specifically bee-line toward you, and keep the momentum going once the event is over.

The best part is that if you're smart, you can leverage the audience for the overall event and expand your reach far beyond what you could get on your own (all without spending a dime!) And because you're talking about an event and what your business is doing in the community, you're promoting yourself without having to resort to a lot of pushy advertising. Consider these 2 identical businesses that are attending the same trade show.


Business A: About 6 weeks before the event they start mentioning that they're attending, maybe throwing out teasers of what to expect at their booth, what prizes could be won. They engage with the tradeshow organizers so that their messages are seen not only by their core audience, but by the tradeshow audience as well. As it gets closer and closer they ramp up the mentions, reply to engagers that they hope to see them there. They post a map with directions to their booth and pictures of their display products. Maybe they even tie their contest in to social media (for example: 'Mention this tweet and instantly win a mini stylus!' or 'Post a picture of yourself at our booth and be entered to win!').

Business B: A few days before the event they mention that they're attending with a link to the tradeshow website. That's it.

Event Day

Business A: For each shift, at least one person is assigned to take pictures on their phone so that they can post them during down times. They take pictures setting up their booth, of the crowd, their products, people who stop by to chat, neighbouring booths, etc. They tag people they can in photos and funny comments. They interact with other businesses on the floor. they run their social media contest.

Business B: They go completely dark during the day of the event. They take a picture of their booth (with no people) but don't post it (yet).

Follow up

Business A: They are quick to thank everyone who stopped by their booth and respond to any unanswered posts/comments/tweets. They announce the winner of their contest. They make a webpage dedicated to the social posts of themselves and their fans from the trade show and put it up for everyone to browse.

Business B: a couple days later they post the picture they took with a comment about being at the tradeshow

So of these 2 businesses, which one are you? Which one do you think will get more exposure as a result?