Week 1: Confusion

I’m sure as time goes on and the tasks and exercises are repeated each week this will become easier, but as the days pass the excitement and inspiration from watching the videos and attending webinars is rapidly descending into confusion and stress.

What am I supposed to do this week? When is it due? Where is my nice organized checklist so that I can stay on top of everything?

I check the MKE app, which is supposed to help us with this, but it really looks like things are missing. For example, the task of writing this blog post. I have a vague memory from the webinar that it was supposed to be written by Thursday, but I’m not sure. There are no detailed instructions. Or at least, the instructions we are given in the workbooks are not detailed enough for me to be able to plan them out properly during my week (and this week, in particular, is already bananas).

If we had our guides assigned I’m sure this would be so much clearer, but they can’t be assigned until all of the students and scholarships are finalized.

If I can make it through this week and the next I know that everything will get better, so I just try not to let my frustration impact my view of the material or the outcome.