Social Media Training

Teach a woman to fish, and she'll succeed on social media for a lifetime!

Understanding how to market your business effectively on social media can save you endless hours of wasted time and effort. Get training for yourself, or book a workshop for your staff or your organization's members.

I’ve got over ten years of experience teaching and training entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners from all walks of life.  I can work with you to create a learning plan tailored to the needs of your business, your comfort level, and your resources!

                 Featured: Look Professional on  LinkedIn

  • 1:1 training to set up & optimize your Facebook Page or LinkedIn Profile
  • Bonus graphic design tutorial
  • 1-week follow up


Featured: Social Media Foundations

  • Learn the basics to get started with social media marketing
  • Eligible for a 2/3 cash back with government grant


One-on-one Custom Training

  • 3 packages available
  • You pick the topics
  • Customized to your comfort level & experience
  • Personalized to your business or industry


Group Training & Workshops

  • Facebook for Business 101
  • Instagram for Business 101
  • Twitter for Business 101
  • And more!



One-On-One Training Packages

Featured Training: Look professional on Linkedin

This is for business owners and entrepreneurs who are just getting started with social media (even if you've been in business for awhile!).

You are putting off signing up for LinkedIn because it seems like a lot of work, there are so many different settings, you don't know what they all mean, and you're a little bit scared of doing something "wrong". You want your profile photos and cover photos to look great, but you're not a graphic designer and would feel embarrassed putting up something that looks too cheesy.

You *know* that these things could be really valuable for your business but you just can't seem to get started.

Sound about right?

Brandi is an excellent teacher. She taught me how to navigate through LinkedIn for my business. Thanks to her I now have a profile. She was patient and thorough. She answered all my questions. I would highly recommend her.
— Phyllis Hofseth, Independent Life Insurance Advisor

I designed this package specifically with YOU in mind.

Here is what I'll give:


  • walk you through setting up your account, including the always important username selection
  • guide you through your account optimization by filling out the most important information to highlight what you have to offer and attract your ideal clients
  • help you organize the content of your profile in order to highlight what's most important
  • create a call to action to help meet your business goals (for example email sign-ups, website visits, inquiries, etc.)
  • review account settings
  • review account terms & conditions


  • a tutorial on how to easily create great images and graphics that you can use for your profile and cover images
  • a follow-up review of your account 1 week after our training where I will provide additional feedback and direction on images, business info, and business description

But that's not all!

Here is what you'll get out of it:

  • a LinkedIn Profile that looks totally professional
  • an understanding of how your account works so that it's simple to make future changes when needed
  • right-there-with-you help if something goes wrong or doesn't work during set-up
  • advice on the types and layouts of images that work best on social media
  • advice on writing profile & business descriptions that your audience will love
  • some basic graphic design skills that you can use on everything from additional social media images, to banners for your website, to printed posters and brochures
  • assurance that what you're being taught is *100% current*, since the training is live using your actual account & not something that was written or recorded 6 months (or more!) ago
I recently took advantage of Brandi Good’s 3 hour online LinkedIn training. She helped me to strengthen my LinkedIn profile by showing me the many ways I can personalize it and how to make it more attractive to potential clients. I experienced Brandi as knowledgeable, patient, and focused. After the three hours of training Brandi sent me a written summary of what we had worked on together. This summary is valuable in that it gives me more concrete resources to keep improving my online presence. I highly recommend this training to anyone who is getting started on LinkedIn and is overwhelmed by the amount of information you can put on your profile.
— Roland Legge, REL Consultants

All you need to do:

  1. Pick a date/time that works for you in my calendar
  2. Click BOOK ME and pay (make sure to include your email so that you get a receipt)

We'll both receive a booking confirmation and a payment receipt. Within 1 business day you will receive another email from me with the details of the training, including:

  • the link to our online training room
  • instructions on how to log in
  • what you need to prepare for the training session


Q: Will this also cover how to set up and optimize a LinkedIn Company page or Showcase page?
A: Nope. 99% of small business owners and entrepreneurs don't require a Company page.

Q: Will you come to my home or office to teach me?
A: Nope. The training is done 100% online. You'll get the details in the confirmation email, but if you have any concerns feel free to shoot me an email about it or browse the additional FAQs on the booking page.

Featured training: Social Media Foundations

Custom training Packages

One-on-one training is ideal for those who need a quieter, more focused learning environment. It also has the following benefits:

  • the student defines her own learning path
  • ability to quickly change direction based on needs
  • learning progresses at the pace of the student

Don't forget to also check out what online webinars are currently scheduled.

Bronze Training

  • 3hrs of 1:1 training (one session)
  • You pick the topics
  • Customized to your comfort level & experience
  • Personalized to your business or industry
  • Automatic membership to the BLG Insiders Resource Library

Silver Training

  • 6hrs of 1:1 training (two 3hr sessions or three 2hr sessions)
  • You pick the topics
  • Customized to your comfort level & experience
  • Personalized to your business or industry
  • Email support between calls and for 1 month after training is complete
  • Automatic membership to the BLG Insiders Resource Library

Gold Training

  • 12hrs of 1:1 training (four 3hr sessions or six 2hr sessions)
  • You pick the topics
  • Customized to your comfort level & experience
  • Personalized to your business or industry
  • Priority email support between calls and for 3 months after training is complete
  • Automatic membership to the BLG Insiders Resource Library
  • Check-ins for 3 months after training is complete
  • Social media audit
  • Access to social media templates and checklists
I appreciate Brandi’s ability to be available from wherever she is in order to foster open, clear communication. I would highly recommend Brandi to anyone who is looking for a kind, collaborative, and engaged business experience.
— Prabha Mitchell, CEO, Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan

Group Training & Workshops

Group training is ideal for those who thrive in a collaborative environment! Because groups are kept small (maximum 10 people), participants still feel they get personal attention while benefitting from the lower cost of group pricing. Learning in a group can also make participants feel:

  • more supported;
  • more motivated, and;
  • more accountable to succeed!

If you are interested in organizing a workshop for your employees, business partners, or members let's chat. The workshops below are ready to go - all I need is you! If what you want is not listed, we can discuss creating a customized workshop just for your business!

Don't forget to also check out what public workshops and online webinars are currently scheduled.

Brandi is a gifted instructor with many years of experience.
— Wendy Davis, Concentra Financial Services Association, Regina, SK

Training with Brandi

The majority of all training is designed to be hands-on, with participants providing their own devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, or a combination of all 3!).  I’ll walk you step by step through things like setting up a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, how to post content that creates the most impact, and how to measure your social media results.

1:1 training will take place online via Zoom. Working online has several benefits:

  • attend meetings from the comfort of your home or office
  • save time and money with less travel costs
  • less chance of cancellations if either of us are on the road

Group training can be done online as well, but will be done in person when required. If a training session requires travel of more than 40km, mileage, meals, and accommodation may be charged.

Examples of Training & Presentations

I’m available to speak on a variety of issues related to social media – business, marketing, privacy, technology, news, psychology, communication, and more. Feel free to contact me about the presentations listed below, or about creating a presentation tailored to your organization or audience.

Social Media & Marketing


Social Media 101 & Employee Advocacy

Custom presentation prepared for RBC Royal Bank in November 2016.

Learn the basics of the common social media networks and how to grow an audience. Understand how employees can work within a social media policy, and how employees can leverage individual social media accounts to promote and grow the business and create engaged, loyal customers.


CWP Social Media Presentation

Custom presentation prepared for the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians in October 2016

We’re creating a safe space for women in public office to discuss their experiences, reservations, and excitement about the online world. Expect to jot down some notes, laugh, be surprised, and even engage in healthy debate as we dive into topics such as audience demographics, reputation management, and criticism vs harassment.


Which Social Media Network is Best For Your Business

Presented most recently to at Regina Public Library and Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan in July 2016.

There is a pervasive myth when choosing a social media network for your business that you should do what you know. This mistake can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort on the wrong social media sites.

Learn what factors you need to consider so that you can choose the network(s) that will have the most impact for your business!


Twitter & linkedin for small business success

Presented most recently to CAFE Regina in February 2016. Watch the video for a quick preview.

As business owners, networking is a critical aspect of our marketing strategy. But we can't possibly attend every breakfast, meetup, conference, mixer, and tradeshow out there. So how can we grow our network when we struggle with limited resources? And how can we maintain meaningful connections with the people we do meet? That's where social media comes in! LinkedIn and Twitter are amazing tools for networking and gaining more exposure for your business. 

We'll discuss the key points of network etiquette and what kinds of things you should post!

RWN’s Ask An Expert Series: Social Media

Brandi, along with Danielle from were invited to the first event in the Ask an Expert Series hosted by Regina Women's Network in Feb 2016.

Are you using social media to the best advantage of your business? Do you have questions on how to establish, maintain or increase your social media presence? If social media activities are important to your business, you should attend this lunch!

We are hosting a Q & A style luncheon with two panelists Brandi Good and Danielle Carrier. Brandi and Danielle will be answering your questions about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Websites, Email blasts, E-newsletters and anything else “social media” you can think of! Bring your questions, and a notebook, as there will be many great tips and tricks discussed.


Event Marketing to Boost Your Online Presence

Presented with Taron of Taron Cochrane Entertainment at the Your Marketing Made Easy Conference in 2015.

Did you know that every event you or your organization hosts, is involved in, or attends is a massive marketing opportunity? Events are traditionally seen as a way to generate sales and revenue, but they are also a great way to showcase your business personality, get the attention of potential customers, and network with like-minded individuals.

In this workshop, Taron & Brandi will walk you through creating a mini-marketing plan that you can apply to your next event. The focus here is *not* on event planning, but on taking advantage of events to market yourself and/or your organization. Whether it’s a sale at your store, a fundraiser, a trade show, or an industry conference, let’s use events to boost your online presence!

Understanding Online Images

Presented with Danielle from at the Your Marketing Made Easy Conference in 2015.

Learn how to use images in your online marketing. We'll take a hands on approach to different software and apps that you can use to enhance your photos or create graphics from scratch. We'll cover image best practices on your website, newsletters, and social media platforms. Attend this session to increase your engagement online with images.

Making Sense of Paid Social Media Ads

Presented at the Your Marketing Made Easy Conference in 2015. 

It's true that the cost of advertising on social media can be more affordable than other methods of advertising, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do your homework and know how to make the most of your budget. We'll discuss how to set up, test, and target ads on the major social networks as well as craft some ad copy for an event, product, or service that you can use in your own business.

Social Media Content

Presented most recently at Think Big 2014, this Social Media Content Presentation details understanding different social media networks and what type of content works best on each one, what makes ‘good’ content, and a review of free content creation tools.





eNewsletters and Social Media

Daley Progress and BLG Business Solutions teamed up in 2013 to introduce you to an integrated marketing plan that will elevate your online business presence. Join Danielle and Brandi as they show you how to take advantage of these technologies. This is a learning session so bring pen and paper. And don't forget your business cards!



Starting a Business in the Midst of a Crisis

Presented most recently to members of Regina Women’s Network: Starting a business is difficult under the best of circumstances, but what if your life is being flipped upside down at the same time? Sometimes it’s OK to jump in feet first with nothing but the support of your family and the conviction that everything will work out for the best. This seminar features a personal and inspiring story of exercising courage on a daily basis.



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