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How to Create a Basic Social Media Policy

Join Me For My Next Free Webinar On Wednesday, August 23 At 12pm.

Do you really need a social media policy?

Have you ever:

  • Had employees or consultants unsure of what to do (or not to do) on social media?
  • Had to pass your social media activity to another person?
  • Had someone post something to your business account that made you wince and not know how to respond?
  • Had staff use their personal social media accounts to discuss business activities?

If you answered YES to any of these, then you need a policy! But don't worry - your policy doesn't have to fill a 3-inch binder and be full of legalese - it can be as simple and straightforward as you need it to be.

Policies create guidelines which are critical for people who have consultants or employees. They are also important for solopreneurs because they provide a set of guidelines for your social media use in the event that something happens to you or you need to hand your social media over to a new hire or outside consultant.

In this webinar we'll cover the main parts of a good social media policy, like:

  • Roles and responsibilities of users
  • Purpose of business social media
  • Access and authorization
  • Crisis Management
  • Inappropriate content
  • Personal use

Everyone who attends the webinar live may request my detailed social media policy template for their own business use!