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How to Make Hootsuite Your Secret Social Media Weapon (11am)

Join me for my next Free Webinar on Wednesday, April 12th at 11am.

(If you're looking for the webinar at 4pm instead, click here.)

You’ve heard of Hootsuite. You may even be one of the 10+ million people that has an account. I know, I know - from a user perspective the dashboard is very busy, and that can turn people off. But it’s busy-ness is actually what makes it so powerful.

QUESTION: Besides scheduling a few posts here and there, what is Hootsuite really doing for your business?

ANSWER: it could be doing a lot to find your customers and enhance your brand - you just need to know HOW!

Here is what you’ll get in just 45 minutes:

  • Learn how to set up your tabs for ease of engagement
  • Advanced search tactics to find out who is talking about you online
  • Advanced search tactics to find potential customers
  • The best apps to find out what your potential customers are talking about

Is this webinar really for you? You should attend if:

  • You have a Hootsuite account that you barely use
  • You are paying for a Hootsuite subscription and need to get your money’s worth
  • You are using multiple social media networks for your business (truth time: if you are just using Facebook, this webinar won’t be much use to you)

There WILL be a replay available to those who register, but I still recommend watching live if you can because of the Q&A portion at the end - so make sure to mark your calendar and make the time to attend!

BONUS: Everyone who shows up live (for at least 50% of the webinar) will also get entered to win a great gift :)

See you then!