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The Benefits of Social Media for Event Promotion (4pm)

Social media is an increasingly important component for events – it is a way for people to share in the excitement in front of not only other attendees, but also a live online audience who may not be able to attend. It also acts as a marketing and promotional channel for your business or event, which can lead to things like improved customer service, increased sales, and brand awareness, just to name a few.

A study done at California Polytechnic State University shows that because social media allows people to find out information about events quickly and easily, it increases their satisfaction with the business and with the event overall (read the full study here). People are social creatures but we’re also getting busier and busier so the more you can attract their attention, and the easier you make it for them to engage, the more successful you will be online.

If you've ever wondered exactly how YOUR BUSINESS can benefit from social media and event marketing, this webinar is for you!